How Much Does an HVAC Technician Make in New York City?

Most companies in New York City are looking for entry-level technicians with a high school diploma or GED and little to no experience. In addition to the salary, union members get other benefits that increase the value of their work. As technology advances and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems become more popular, technicians have the opportunity to develop areas of expertise that can lead to higher salaries. This means that HVAC and refrigeration technicians can start building their professional experience and earning a good income right away.

For example, under the current agreement, the salary of an HVAC technician and a refrigeration technician are structured as follows. As technicians gain more experience and skills, they can take advantage of opportunities for professional growth and higher salaries, often without needing a college degree. The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) industry offers excellent career opportunities and a promising career path. So what is the typical salary of an HVAC technician and a refrigeration technician in New York City? How does it compare to salaries in other careers? Especially in the New York metropolitan area, where the cost of living is high, it's important to make sure that the field you choose can provide you with the income and benefits you need. In all five counties and on Long Island, the Enterprise Association of Steamfitters Local 638 is the United Association (UA) branch that represents HVACR technicians, as well as pipe fitters, sprinklers and plumbers.

It's important to review job postings and experience requirements for an HVAC Commercial Technician job to make sure it's the right fit. Overtime pay can also increase an HVAC or refrigeration technician's salary, allowing them to earn time and a half for working after hours or on Saturdays, and twice as much for working on Sundays.

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