How do you start a conversation with a contractor?

Reach a consensus with your spouse about the remodeling issues you differ on so that your contractor doesn't have to play marriage counselor. Your team may encounter unforeseen structural problems, or you may decide to include additional work as the project evolves. Any good contractor can handle these changes, just make sure they make them in writing first. When you think you have a problem, check your contract first.

Review start and end times, who pays for what, items ordered, and other important details that need to be detailed. Make sure you are correct before addressing your contractor. You'll want to have a meaningful conversation with the contractor instead of being overwhelmed by terminology or wondering if the contractor is doing more work than necessary. If you find it difficult to find a contractor to help you with your project, start by getting permission to work.

Jobs tend to become problematic when a contractor doesn't know how to manage a job from start to finish or when he missupervises several projects. If one of your first sentences in your conversation with a contractor is about costs and a tight budget, you're giving all the wrong signals.

Roberta Burgees
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