Can general contractors do plumbing?

A general contractor can perform plumbing, electrical, structural, roofing, and foundation work. There are different levels of general contractors. Some types require knowledge of engineering and the construction of bridges and large structures. General contractors hire subcontractors to complete a specific part of the project.

Subcontractors generally specialize in a single area, such as plumbing, drywall, HVAC, flooring, painting, or carpentry. Subcontractors can be self-employed individuals or employees of an outsourcing company. Obtaining your Maryland contractor license will involve contacting several agencies, understanding what requirements those agencies set, and paying the associated fees related to meeting those requirements. In most cases, you will apply to the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation or the DLLR.

However, general contractors may need to turn to the Maryland home improvement Commission (MHIC) to obtain a license that best fits their work parameters. The MHIC requires a contractor license and insurance certificate to begin work. General contractors who plan to perform what the MHIC considers “home improvement work will need to obtain a license.” These contractors typically have in-house architectural and design staff who remain involved throughout the process. This experience prepares them to estimate costs and completion times, recognize qualified subcontractors, test completed work, and control expenses.

Contractors must pass a test to qualify, but some states impose additional conditions, such as proof of liability insurance, tax identification number, and proof of business address. This fund helps Maryland homeowners recover losses if a licensed contractor fails to complete a project. But what type or degree of electrical work can a general building contractor legally perform? Can they do this job without being a licensed electrician? Do they need to outsource an electrician or can they perform specific tasks with the right license? For smaller projects or general electrical projects that may be part of a multi-part remodel, a general contractor is a reliable option. Because becoming a contractor in Maryland is a considerable task, it's helpful to know the right information to resolve complications.

Next Insurance has a seamless online process that allows you to quickly get a personalized insurance quote for contractors. In short, if something goes wrong, the general contractor is financially responsible for doing it right. Plumbing contractors are trained not only in plumbing, but also in construction and service, and can handle many more requests than plumbers. In terms of electrical work, general contractors can perform basic work, but they are quite limited in the tasks they can perform.

Visit the Information Bulletin for Contractor Candidates and Home Improvement Vendors for exam schedules, test locations and rates Licensed general contractors take responsibility for the entire workplace, which means they have compensation insurance and civil liability for workers.

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